Most parents encounter eating problems with their children. Kids can be fussy eaters, refusing to

eat what is good for them , going only by the taste of what interests them. This can cause vitamin

deficiencies making them vulnerable to diseases and poor development of body and mind. What is

a cause for concern is the rising dependence of families on processed and prepackaged food that

is of zero nutritional value. Parents are advised to encourage their children to eat freshly cooked

variety of foods that fulfill all the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Allow your kids to

plan menus with you and make breakfast the most important meal of the day as it helps them stay

alert and active in school. Snacks are important as in between meals but should be healthy and

hygienic. Junk food should be limited to once a week as it causes obesity. Teach your children to

eat healthy food and decide their intake based on their activity level. Always remember that a

healthy body needs healthy food!


Posted by Bindiya Dhingra

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