Children love going to school . But there may be some children who fall into the habit of missing

school due to various reasons , some of which may be ill health, fear of teachers , and lack of

interest in school activities. Missing school regularly leads to a decline in academic performance

,delay in completing assignments and non participation in extra curricular activities. Parents must

ensure regular attendance of their children in school. Before you seek admission for your child,

ensure that the school has a safe and happy environment. Be in regular touch with teachers to be

aware of your child's consistent behaviour. A chat with the child would give you an insight into her

mental state and knowledge of being subjected to bullying by someone in school. Look for signs if

you feel your child is worried and always be five minutes early to pick her up from school, to ease

anxiety. Help your children to make friends so that they look forward to being at school. After all,

school is a child's second home!


Posted by Bindiya Dhingra

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