Tree Plantation Drive by Nest Group of Schools

Tree Plantation Drive by Nest Group of SchoolsThe Nest Group of schools organized Sheetla Van Mahotsav, on 13th August at the Dispensary, Palam Vihar in Gurgaon. The Nest Preschool trains students to be environmentally conscious, and to take care of Mother Earth. Our gift to future generations- a greener Earth! And that is why our students planted 22 guava trees, along with their own name on each tree. The trees have been surrounded with fencing for protection. The students have taken the responsibility of taking care of the plants and watering them periodically.

Educationist Shri P. N. Mongia, President of Senior Citizens Federation, Gurgaon and Er. H.C. Khurana, President, Senior Citizens Forum, Palam Vihar, were our chief guests at the tree plantation and environmental awareness dry and lauded the efforts of our little children. Shri Parminder Kataria, (Mera Pyara Gurgaon), kindly presided over the event.  The trees were planted by our little ones, with their little hands. The Nest School encourages their students to be responsible citizens. Since it is never too early to learn good habits, we teach Nestians to give something back to the society. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere, planting more trees would mean a greener, cleaner, healthier Gurgaon. Nestians are taught to respect the environment and take care of our planet.

About one hundred people gathered together to make this event a success. Our special thanks to all the parents and grandparents who came with their children to be a part of our initiative. Their appreciation and attendance gave The Nest Group of Schools and their staff, encouragement, to stride ahead with more perseverance and sincerity.

The Nest Group of Schools is dedicated to social causes as much as it is, to child education. Teaching children young, goes a long way, as they carry this legacy of protecting and nurturing the earth, throughout their lives. In future also, The Nest School will dedicatedly work towards causes of greater good and welfare of all!

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