Importance of Extracurricular Activities

The Nest Group of Schools is Gurgaon’s fastest growing chain of preschools. Hundreds of children who have been a part of our school, are growing into talented and proficient individuals. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the curriculum of Nest School provides all round development of students. While academic achievements are central to one’s education, extracurricular activities also play a major role in personality development. The Nest Preschool offers a variety of activities that include festival and birthday celebrations, picnics and summer camps, role plays, singing and poetry competitions etc.

One of the main reasons for incorporating activities in the school curriculum is that it leads to identification and recognition of a child’s talents. In a restrictive home environment, a child may not be able to give expression to his genius or caliber. A school helps to channel this energy in the right direction. Also, extracurricular activities enable character development coupled with intellectual, social and mental well-being.

Working as a team in sports, cultural programs and competitions, young children learn cooperation, compromise and commitment. They develop a positive attitude, integrity, self-control and a spirit of competitiveness.  Leadership skills come forth and a student’s aptitude, expertise and particular activity adeptness can be determined.

As a parent, it is one’s responsibility to encourage children to be a part of school activities. Find out which activities your child enjoys and help them explore new ones. A discussion with the school staff should be undertaken to inform them about a child’s limitations and interests. It is essential for the child to enjoy what he is doing, as extracurricular activities build confidence and shape the personality.

The Nest Group of Schools, Gurgaon’s top preschool chain, recognizes the importance of activities. Our board of directors keep in touch with international trends to bring innovations in the school. We try to stay abreast with the latest things that catch the children’s fancy. Our aim is to groom and teach students who work to the best of their ability, make informed choices and grow up to be successful individuals.


– Bindiya Dhingra

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