Do you believe your child should score higher grades than she already does? Do you think that he is not learning according to age target? Do you feel that your child acts stubbornly when you ask her to perform when others are around? Well, then there is good reason to believe that you have unrealistic expectations of your child.

Bringing up children, is undoubtedly a challenging task. It is the prerogative of parents to give their kids a good start in life. Our attitude towards parenting is guided by our own experience with our parents and sometimes this approach may be inappropriate. In today’s world, parental expectations are high. We want our children to excel in all fields and have many academic accomplishments. By imposing our own aspirations on our children, we end up compromising with their mental and emotional health. Unhealthy pressure on children to perform well in school makes them prone to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Since all children are different and their interests are varied, it is unwise to anticipate success in every venture they undertake.

Parents are advised to be patient with their young ones.  They should adhere to some personal boundaries and respect the child’s refusal to something he does not like. Such behavior should not be considered stubbornness or a tendency to be rebellious. Refrain from nagging, use positive statements to encourage your children. Identify their strengths and help them focus and achieve them. Respect the fact that a child is an individual too and has a right to his own life. Nurture and treasure your children, for they learn best what they see and experience.


Posted by – Bindiya Dhingra

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