Mothers Day Out

MOTHERS DAY OUT Mothers are special .Mothers are the best. And Nest, the fastest growing premium chain of preschools found the perfect way to thank them for being so extraordinary. We played host to over 250 mums and students of the outgoing batch and our newcomers,across our seven branches all over Gurgaon. The children regaled


Recently at the Nest preschool we celebrated the festival of Basant Panchami with merriment and laughter. We celebrate festivals to familiarise our students with our culture and values. On the days of celebration, the joy and excitement of the students is palpable in the air. Teachers spend the day narrating stories about why and how

Nest school goes hi-tech

For a parent, nothing is more precious than her child, and for us at the Nest, nothing is more important than our children’s safety. Nest pre school is the fastest growing chain of premium schools in gurgaon and we believe in leaving no stone unturned to make it the best, safest and the most unique

Child Development

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft onceĀ  said, “The first five years have so much to Do with how the next eighty turn out”. All human beings go through the natural process of development that is both biological and psychological. A preschooler between the age of three and six, enters school life after being in


Parents are a child ‘s first companions. A child follows,emulates, and idolises his parents. They play a primary and foremost role in their offspring’s upbringing. Many books and new age thinkers preach that parents should try to be their children’s friends. But then who indeed, would play the parents’ role if the child were to

Importance of Pre Schools

Importance of Pre Schools

In the current scenario, where families are small and parents are engaged in the business of earning a living , it is imperative to have pre schools that prepare infants to enter the big world called life. Being the first step for children of two years and above, towards social interaction, preschools shoulder great responsibility.


….And here comes 2016. Another new and exciting year to look forward to. For some, the new year means breaking new barriers, for others, it is a new commitment to their goals. For us atĀ  Nest School, it means bidding adieu to the batch of students who have learnt and grown with us to step


Most of us are acquainted with teaching techniques applied in schools, but how many are aware that it was Friedrich Frobel, a German educationist who coined the word ‘kindergarten’, meaning a garden of children and laid down the fundamentals of kindergarten teaching. Frobel developed the idea of starting children’s education before the age of seven

Nest School – Educating and Parenting

Schools nowadays face many tough challenges. These maybe social ,behavioural or security related. A high-performance school focuses on creating trust in the minds of parents . Parents today fret about security issues, their child’s classroom progress and behaviour. At the Nest school, our teachers are well trained and equipped in recognising signs of a child

An Effective Curriculum for Holistic Growth

An Effective Curriculum for Holistic Growth

A distinguishing feature of successful schools is an effective curriculum. A curriculum is a blueprint, a draft of all scholastic, textual, and extra-curricular activities that students must undertake in a specific school year. For the teachers, a curriculum is a guidebook to steps of imparting education. A teacher has to follow a systematic approach to