Summer Camp – Dental Checkup

We at Nest pre school- the best pre school in Gurgaon focus on health, hygiene and the overall development of our kids. Keeping this in mind a Dental checkup was carried out at Nest pre school with the curiosity to find out the prevalence of dental diseases in our little chocolate lovers. Little nestians were


Do you believe your child should score higher grades than she already does? Do you think that he is not learning according to age target? Do you feel that your child acts stubbornly when you ask her to perform when others are around? Well, then there is good reason to believe that you have unrealistic

Yes You Can

Yes, now you can also be a proud Nest Preschool franchise owner. The Nest Group of Schools is now offering franchise options to people dedicated to the cause of education. If you are looking for an answer as to why you should be a part of our premium preschool and fastest growing chain, you should

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

The Nest Group of Schools is Gurgaon’s fastest growing chain of preschools. Hundreds of children who have been a part of our school, are growing into talented and proficient individuals. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the curriculum of Nest School provides all round development of students. While academic achievements are central to one’s


Encouraged by hundreds of happy parents and students, Nest Preschool is proud to announce an inaugural daycare program for your children.  Our ten years  experience of working with, nurturing and watchful sheltering of young children motivated us to move into the new direction of daycare.   A daycare centre is a secure facility for working parents

Welcome to Nest Pre School

The Nest Group of Schools extends a warm welcome to the new students . We are delighted and excited to have you with us! Everyday of our lives is a learning experience,and we our proud to have an opportunity of learning and growing with you. We make all efforts to make the Freshers feel supported and connected


Children love going to school . But there may be some children who fall into the habit of missing school due to various reasons , some of which may be ill health, fear of teachers , and lack of interest in school activities. Missing school regularly leads to a decline in academic performance ,delay in


Most parents encounter eating problems with their children. Kids can be fussy eaters, refusing to eat what is good for them , going only by the taste of what interests them. This can cause vitamin deficiencies making them vulnerable to diseases and poor development of body and mind. What is a cause for concern is


Television addiction is a problem that is rapidly affecting kids aged two years and above. Besides harming young eyes, TV is responsible for making our kids couch potatoes and prone to being over weight and other lifestyle diseases. Many parents believe that letting children watch more Television keeps them out of their way ,allowing them

Childhood Challenges

A preschooler,aged between two and four years of age, faces many challenges of accepting,understanding and learning from his environment. This is the period of developing mental skills and exploring the language. One must keep in mind that not all children are born with the same mental capabilities and therefore cannot be taught in the same


Jim Rohn says, ” Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment “.As parents, it is our duty to discipline our children.Discipline means preparing them to lead civilised lives in our civilised society.It does not mean punishment of any kind but encouraging good behaviour to keep the children out of danger and inculcating high moral